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About Me

My name is Nick Vo, this is a little bit about me and how it all got started.

My little brother actually got me to start an Instagram, like always I’m stuck at the naming screen 😂 After a minute, we ended up with pokemoncenterhtx (click pokemoncenterhtx to check it out). 
It all started out on Instagram to show everyone my personal collection. 
Got some offers, started helping others build their collections, and started doing auctions. I just recently hit 10k followers on pokemoncenterhtx and was thinking about trying to open up an online shop.
Created an Instagram for Trader Vo's, did what I needed to get the online shop up and running. Sadly I am not able to get sealed product from distributors right now, so if anyone can hook me up, please let me know! 

I also try to reuse all the top loaders that I can, as long as they are clean or have some tape. If I threw away all the top loaders I got then I’d be wasting a lot, let’s recycle ♻️ 

So I apologize in advance if you get a top loader with some tape on it. 😅

On that note, send in your clean/used top loaders for a discount! 

Some items might be from my personal collection, so the price might be a little higher. 
Don’t be afraid to send a offer or trade 🤔

To Be Continued…